Woman of the Realm

'His voice was husky. Immediately she knew that this was the kind of man whose ceiling had been stared at by more than the fair share of female eyes. He was the kind that always had his way without even asking'


It’s 7am. My alarm has been on snooze for centuries now. I had planned to wake up at 5 am to go jogging and do some reading but it’s as if the Sky spirits and warm bed conspired against my desire to keep fit. I stare out of my hostel window; the Jacaranda tree is... Continue Reading →

Space In a Relationship

Relationships. They are supposed to be sweet, rosy, happy and satisfying. You dream of dating a man who’s always at your beck and call, a man who will drop by with chocolates and a bottle of wine. His free time is dedicated towards taking care of your needs. He sends flowers to your place of... Continue Reading →

The Curse of the ‘Likes’

Someone on my Timeline tweeted ‘Lightskin girls feed on Instagram likes’. As is the norm, people ‘LOL-ed’ and manual Re-tweeted the tweet and it was soon forgotten. But come to think of it, the gravity of the whole social media vibe and addiction is direr than we envisioned. Girls have been worse hit by the... Continue Reading →


Last night I read a piece dubbed “The Real Housewives of Campus” by a female blogger on BlogSpot (www.vehlmedia.blogspot.com) and I couldn’t help chuckling a bit intensely to myself. The manner in which the writer portrayed ladies who gave their boyfriends or “husbands” for that matter, “housewifely” benefits was too hilarious. In as much as... Continue Reading →

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