Re-Imagine Kenya: Lamu Old Town

When planning my trip down to Lamu, I scourged the internet for articles and vlogs published by fellow wanderlusters with recommendations on interesting sites to visit. Top on that list were visiting Takwa ruins and going for a slow sunset sail. But things don’t always work as planned, do they? The weather was moody; the... Continue Reading →

Welcome to Loiyangalani!

Welcome to Loiyangalani, the place of water! A town where hawkers literally sell you stones. Yes, you heard me; stones ...and bones! Soon as you set foot in the town, a bunch of elderly and young men alike will ambush you, each shoving their precious stones in your face, trying to convince you to buy... Continue Reading →

#TwendeUshago: Pit Stop At Archer’s Post

Missed calls are missed opportunities- Magunga Williams Last Monday at about I received a missed call from the Goon himself, the Magunga. I was in someone’s office somewhere in Karen discussing a feature on sustainable construction. It was one of those semi-formal meetings so I excused myself to go call back. You see, I am... Continue Reading →

The KenGen Geothermal Spa, Ol Karia

  I bet you had no clue that Kenya is home to Africa's largest natural Spa.Well, now you know! I had the great pleasure of soaking my afternoon away at the KenGen Geothermal Spa in Ol Karia. Honestly one of the greatest places I have been to this year. The views are orgasmic, the water is breathtakingly... Continue Reading →

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