“Keep your chin up, son!”

This guest post is long overdue, and to think the author is barely 18 years old. Quite  Impressive; here goes... ***** (Oh wait, I haven’t introduced myself and I’m giving you my story already! I’m Michael Muthusi, that’s not my real name because I don’t want strangers messaging me on Facebook like, “Hey Mike, I’m... Continue Reading →

Bless Me Father

the last time I came for mass, I did not listen to a word of the homily, I kept staring at his lips, yearning to kiss them. Even during Transubstantiation, as he offered the Sacrament and Chalice and proclaimed them to be the body and blood of Christ, my mind went wild imagining those sexy fingers of his exploring my depths.


“Cheptoo!” "Cheptoo!” There’s no answer. She must be in there pretending not to hear me. “Cheptoo?!" "Cheptoo?!” Aaah, that girl will kill me one of this days with high blood pressure. I should return her to her mother. This cannot be life. “Cheptoooooo….??!!!?” She scurries from the living room “Eeeh Aunty, umeniita? The radio was loud,... Continue Reading →


"That stupid woman! She thinks she can embarrass me in front of the whole village like this? Pleli fuckin! She will know who I am today! They don’t call me Wero Pelion for nothing!” Kipkemoi  is furious.  His eyes have turned into a shade of red I have never seen before. I don’t know if... Continue Reading →


The whole place was shrouded with darkness. Mustiness lingered in the air; it smelt of death and decay; crushed hopes and dreams.

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