Judge Me Not…

The human society is composed of a bunch of messed up judgemental people who tend to think that they are more superior compared to everyone else around. We subconsciously segregate others and think of them lowly just because they don’t share our ideals or may have an opinion that slightly differs from ours.  Just because... Continue Reading →

Pregnant In Campus

Pregnancy is the most beautiful thing that a woman can experience. It marks the transition from being merely a woman to the elevated status of becoming a mother; a giver of life. The respect and kindness accorded to pregnant women shows just how much society values expectant women.However, the same cannot be said for women... Continue Reading →


Between age twenty and Twenty five, every girl is practically on top of the world. Young and glamorous, not a single care in the world. Numerous suitors are at your beck and call, one is spoilt for choice.  However, what most young ladies fail to realize is the fact that youth is a fast burning... Continue Reading →

Of Women and Beauty

Beauty is highly valued by the human race, be it in reference to the landscape or the environment at large.  Every person appreciates a beautiful sight, something that they would wish to continue gazing at even after the first glance. Hence, the reason as to why human beings invest so much on their  outward appearances... Continue Reading →

Relationships 101: Dealing With Break Ups

We enter into relationships expecting perfection. But it’s never a smooth sailing, there is turbulence all around. The numerous fights and cold wars are all part of the package.Sometimes you look back at your life and wonder why you got into a relationship in the first place. The person that you once new so well... Continue Reading →

The Intrigues of Campus Relationships

It’s 5:50 am on Sunday morning, a time of the week when most folks sleep in.  Lyn stealthily makes her way back to her hostel, afraid of bumping into somebody she knows. She is not alone; dozens of other fellow college girls or in some cases boys are making their way back to their respective... Continue Reading →

How to be a gentleman

Many of our Kenyan men are lacking in the gentleman department when it comes to etiquette and how to treat ladies as they ought to. Here are a few pointers on how to become the perfect gentleman and blow ladies away with your charisma 1. Dress appropriately Believe it or not,no lady wants to be... Continue Reading →

types of men not to date

We of the skirt race constantly complain about how our trouser-wearing counterparts don’t treat us the way we ought to in matters pertaining romance and relationships. No woman will ever at any point in her life lack something to complain about their man. We claim that men just do not understand us, they don’t listen... Continue Reading →

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