Growing up was a trap; Adulthood is a Lie

It’s lunch hour. On a good day, I would be munching away on a home-made Egg and Avocado and tomato sandwich; or those cheap-but-oh-so-good chicken wings from Quickmart.  But then I’m stuck on my work station, a tidy mess of notebooks, lidless pens , calculators, water  bottles , scrap paper sheets  and mud stained drawings... Continue Reading →


The world is full of stupid people, no doubts about it. Why else would a bunch of “educated” people justify the stripping of a young lady for dressing “inappropriately”? These idiots are the same ones who justify the raping of women who are “indecently” dressed. I was shocked and genuinely disturbed when one of my... Continue Reading →

Goodbye Creamy Inn..

This post i a long overdue rant. I've been trying to avoid posting it's been haunting; more like that nagging feeling when an ex dumps you and doesnt tell you why they left. We'd come from a Rotaract Picnic about 3 weeks ago and reached town at around 8. Having spent the entire day playing... Continue Reading →

Dear Twitter Menimists/Chauvinists

Every time I log into my Twitter, I always find a certain clique of male tweeps picking on a woman and brandishing her all sorts of queer names and for the most absurd reasons. These males have appointed themselves the guardians of morality and even dare lash out at females for speaking their minds and... Continue Reading →

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