Changing Times…

Gone are the days of our fathers. The good old days when grandpa would educate his sons so that they could become “Mwalimu” or “Daktari”, an old man’s pride was to see his sons become respectable people in the society.  In those days, a teacher was held in high regards.  Everyone looked up to them... Continue Reading →

Dear Jessica…

Dear Jessica,The past 4 months have been an eye opener. Each morning as I commute to my ‘work place’, I see women coming back from the market; they’ve got huge loads on their heads, their babies strapped securely on their backs.  Some wield heavy kikapus, from the look of things; they seem to weigh not... Continue Reading →


Friday 1300hrs. I rushed to meet a pal of mine who’d promised to buy lunch. As is the norm with free things, I dared not keep him waiting lest he decide to revoke the offer.  I’m just Kenyan after all, and we all know our love affair with free things. See, if you want a... Continue Reading →

KOT Evolution

Twitter has evolved drastically over the past six months and if you happened to have gone missing in action during that time, you’d feel strangely odd and lost on the new KOT timeline. Owing to my kind persona, I have taken it upon myself to orient those Tweeps who may be feeling a bit confused... Continue Reading →

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