Dear Jessica : Remember Tomorrow

Portrait shot on the streets of Lamu - April 2017  8th October 2017 Dear Jessica; Some todays are like freshly baked buttery cinnamon rolls; pleasant to the senses. The orchestra of glazed crispy dough, melted cinnamon sugar and raisins as they swirl in your mouth is all so perfect. On those today’s; you bask in... Continue Reading →

Dear Jessica: The Year That Was 2016

​Dear Jessica, It starts out like a candle flame; the yellow glow steady, eerily  beautiful and full of warmth.  Then along the way, gusts of wind blow by and the yellow glimmer turns into a raging bush fire in the savanna, consuming every single thing standing on its path. The warmth transforms into scorching heat;... Continue Reading →

Wasting Oxygen

The past couple of weeks have been real scary. I have been drifting through my days; a plank of wood struggling to stay afloat. It is easy to tell people that things will get better; that all they need to do is to work hard and give their best. But what if you did all that... Continue Reading →

Of Matatu Travels & Restless Feet

“One 2-Piecer Combo with fries and the other one with mash and gravy please” I hand over my folded 1000bob note to the cashier.  She has this  permanent smiley face that reminds me of Cruela from 101 Dalmatians. All cashiers seem to have this plastic-fake smiley face. I guess it’s part of the job. “Anything... Continue Reading →

The Story That Never Was

Today, I shall write a great story. Possibly the greatest story of all time!  It shall ring on people’s mouths; they will talk ceaselessly about it. They will  spread it  to their friends and foes like wildfire in the savannah during the dry season. That story shall be so great that it shall be the... Continue Reading →

To the Man I Used to Love

Today I woke up with a start. Again. My heart was beating rapidly; lips and throat were dry. Sweat was dripping from my temples. I had that nightmare again. It’s been going on for the past couple of months. Each night, it gets clearer; the scenes keep changing.; but the ending stays the same. I... Continue Reading →

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