Death by The Pen

In between these words you can see the sorrow, Tears that fell from my red eyes and  blemished the ink, Cries that drowned the emotion, With trembling hands and quiet mumbles, In the still of the night, And soothe of the breeze, The fight ended in an anti-climax, When the fight was spirited, But in... Continue Reading →

You were The One

You were supposed to be the one for me. The way a thousand light fairies danced in the flesh beneath my skin the first time your arm grazed mine was enough indication. See, that day I knew you were the one for me. I knew I would fall so foolishly and viciously in love with... Continue Reading →

That Thing Between Your Legs

She could hear him making his way towards the house from the main gate. It was him alright, she had grown accustomed to the aggressive thump of his soles on the ground;  he always walked as if he had a fight to pick with the soil beneath his feet; sort of like a man on... Continue Reading →

To The Girl I Love

I see the frown beneath your smile; the tears behind that sparkle in your eyes I know that even when you say you're fine, you really ain't. Behind that "strong woman" facade, i know that all you really want is to be held. You want to be loved just like everyone else. You've been hurt... Continue Reading →

Dating a Writer

I always thought dating a writer would be perfect. We’d spend Sunday mornings lazying  in bed after a late omelette and coffee breakfast. We’d discuss the latest Bikozulu post;  reminisce the good old Whispers’ days  and quip at how no one will ever fill the legend’s shoes. We’d later on wake up, shower and browse... Continue Reading →

To the Man I Used to Love

Today I woke up with a start. Again. My heart was beating rapidly; lips and throat were dry. Sweat was dripping from my temples. I had that nightmare again. It’s been going on for the past couple of months. Each night, it gets clearer; the scenes keep changing.; but the ending stays the same. I... Continue Reading →


Today, that cycle will end. Today, you become your own woman. Today, you will repair all the damage that judgment and over thinking did on you. Today, you will begin your path of healing; a path of salvation.

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