If a woman doesn’t exhibit some interest in your advances, please quit pestering her. Stop with the “Why haven’t you replied my text yet you’re online” kind of nonsense. The un-replied texts, blue Whatsapp ticks and missed calls should have been proper indication of her lack of interest in you, but it seems some men... Continue Reading →

5 Types of People to Avoid in Campus

There are many types of characters you’ll meet in campus. But there are those you’d rather avoid for the sake of your own sanity and peace of mind. The moment you see individuals who exhibiting some of the following fishy traits and tendencies: you better run before you immerse yourself into unnecessary losses that come... Continue Reading →

Be You…

It all starts with logging into Facebook. The first things you see are pictures of your primary or high school classmates. They all look so happy, smiling in high end places. Their outfits are sharp, their teeth all so white and perfect. Things seem to be working out for them. Some are getting scholarships to... Continue Reading →

KOT Evolution

Twitter has evolved drastically over the past six months and if you happened to have gone missing in action during that time, you’d feel strangely odd and lost on the new KOT timeline. Owing to my kind persona, I have taken it upon myself to orient those Tweeps who may be feeling a bit confused... Continue Reading →

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