On The Road: Travel Memoirs

The best way to judge the character of a person is not in how they behave around their friends but rather, in how they interact with total strangers. Why you ask? Because even the shyest of individuals comes alive around people they are comfortable with.   Being placed in a room full of strangers leaves one... Continue Reading →

That Thing Between Your Legs

She could hear him making his way towards the house from the main gate. It was him alright, she had grown accustomed to the aggressive thump of his soles on the ground;  he always walked as if he had a fight to pick with the soil beneath his feet; sort of like a man on... Continue Reading →


There are men out there who think the sole purpose of a woman’s existence is to entertain them. Men who think a woman should be grateful because they have “him” in their lives. Idiotic men whose myopic minds lead them into thinking that a woman is obligated to say “yes” just because he asked her... Continue Reading →


A while back, I came across a tweet requesting the president to jail all Employers who seek for “ 24-year old graduates with  6 years working experience” as a requirement for recruitment. I couldn’t agree any better. Some of the qualifications these Employers seek for are straight out of Utopia. If you’re a fresh graduate,... Continue Reading →


Sugar kills your brain cells. Apparently, it really does. I recently stumbled upon this horrid fact as I was rummaging aimlessly for nothing in particular on the internet. It’s one of those things you wish you hadn’t come across because  now I’m worried sick about the state of my brain. I’ve been indulging in a... Continue Reading →


A good dealer must have shrink tendencies. Once you spot a prospective client, you have to mentally strip them bare, analyse them even before they begin speaking. It’s a war tactic: to exercise some form of power and control over someone, you must know them first. You have to intuitively be a good judge of... Continue Reading →

I am My Kenya

We are a complaining country. A country that keeps blaming the government for failing to fulfill it's duties. We blame the goverment for corruption, poor state of roads, a failing health industry, the pathetic state of public schools...well, basically everything. While it may be true that the government has failed to mete the obligations that... Continue Reading →

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