Today, that cycle will end. Today, you become your own woman. Today, you will repair all the damage that judgment and over thinking did on you. Today, you will begin your path of healing; a path of salvation.

Of Women and Menstruation…

Menstruation and general menstrual health issues are some of the shunned and rarely discussed topics. If you come from one of those families where your parents are frank enough to talk about such issues with you then consider yourself really lucky. The truth is that majority of the girls never really get good guidance once... Continue Reading →


The world is full of stupid people, no doubts about it. Why else would a bunch of “educated” people justify the stripping of a young lady for dressing “inappropriately”? These idiots are the same ones who justify the raping of women who are “indecently” dressed. I was shocked and genuinely disturbed when one of my... Continue Reading →

Reasons not to date a Double Decker Warrior

Everyone loves the idea of being in a relationship; the comfort of having someone who’s always at your disposal seems like a good idea. Every young girl imagines that once they start dating, the guy will go all Alejandro on her, buying her flowers and taking her to expensive restaurants without a budget limit. While... Continue Reading →

The Curse of the ‘Likes’

Someone on my Timeline tweeted ‘Lightskin girls feed on Instagram likes’. As is the norm, people ‘LOL-ed’ and manual Re-tweeted the tweet and it was soon forgotten. But come to think of it, the gravity of the whole social media vibe and addiction is direr than we envisioned. Girls have been worse hit by the... Continue Reading →

The Battle of the Sexes

We are currently living in a very confusing generation, men what to be women and women to be men. I call it the Audrey-Andrewiosis. Women have always been considered as the weaker sex, but thanks to Feminists who fought tooth and nail , this  perception has  gradually been eliminated.  The lives of women the world... Continue Reading →

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