Mr. Mheshimiwa

At the cemetery, they bury the dead on top of the dead, Mr Mheshimiwa took the expansion land for his own, He will build a high wall so he can’t see the grave yard but the cries will still haunt him,

The Struggle of Being a Village Hero

When you’re a “village hero”, campus is either a make it or break it point for you. For those not familiar with the term, village hero is used by the cool kids to refer to those sons and daughters of peasants like myself who’d never step on the City’s soil were it not for higher... Continue Reading →

The University of Nairobi: A Case of Lost Glory

September, 2012; I walked into the University of Nairobi pregnant with expectations and high hopes upon being admitted into the ‘world-class’ university. These expectations were however shattered before they could even take root as I arrived at the college that I had been enrolled into. The famous College of Architecture A.D.D Building that churns out... Continue Reading →

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