We Can’t All Be Entrepreneurs

Entrepreneurship is great. It has opened doors for so many people. Lives have been changed, the economy is growing. In fact, every campus kid wants to be an entrepreneur.  Ask anyone about their dreams and they will point out that they will start one business or the other. Everyone wants to become self-employed.  It’s the... Continue Reading →

The Struggle of Being a Village Hero

When you’re a “village hero”, campus is either a make it or break it point for you. For those not familiar with the term, village hero is used by the cool kids to refer to those sons and daughters of peasants like myself who’d never step on the City’s soil were it not for higher... Continue Reading →


I still blame Blue Mountain State for making me have such weird expectations about college life. Partying and drinking all night, loud music and the entire hullabaloo. While for some people, campus life is pretty much about all the above, plus a bit of studying for assignments (read copy pasting from Wikipedia), there is very... Continue Reading →

How To Make Kick-Ass Pancakes

I don’t mean to gloat but many people have asked me how I manage to make such delicious pancake; and since I stopped being a meanie, I’ve decided to extend a gesture of kindness to the whole of humanity by posting the recipe. Yes, you’re welcome 🙂 How to Make Kick Ass Pancakes: NB: On... Continue Reading →

5 Types of People to Avoid in Campus

There are many types of characters you’ll meet in campus. But there are those you’d rather avoid for the sake of your own sanity and peace of mind. The moment you see individuals who exhibiting some of the following fishy traits and tendencies: you better run before you immerse yourself into unnecessary losses that come... Continue Reading →

Reasons not to date a Double Decker Warrior

Everyone loves the idea of being in a relationship; the comfort of having someone who’s always at your disposal seems like a good idea. Every young girl imagines that once they start dating, the guy will go all Alejandro on her, buying her flowers and taking her to expensive restaurants without a budget limit. While... Continue Reading →

Diary of A Confused Campus Girl

Dear Diary,This week has flown by so fast. Cats are raping us left, right and centre and exams are in three weeks time. The panic mode is beginning to settle and that fear of failure is beginning to creep in. I feel a bit inadequate, afraid I won’t be able to prepare in good time.There’s... Continue Reading →

To Date A Classmate Or Not

Dating is a rollercoaster. At one moment you are head over heels in love, starry eyed and all mushy; the next, you don’t even want to hear their name, let alone see their faces. The dynamic nature is the beauty of it all. Dating patterns are very diverse and the preferences vary from one individual... Continue Reading →


Between age twenty and Twenty five, every girl is practically on top of the world. Young and glamorous, not a single care in the world. Numerous suitors are at your beck and call, one is spoilt for choice.  However, what most young ladies fail to realize is the fact that youth is a fast burning... Continue Reading →

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