Weekend of Terror- R.I.P Comrades

Friday the 13th is a black spot in most people’s calendars. The date is generally associated with evil and bad luck except for the non- superstitious people who view it as any other normal day.13th December had been declared a public holiday to the amusement of the working class and the varsity students who had... Continue Reading →

Pregnant In Campus

Pregnancy is the most beautiful thing that a woman can experience. It marks the transition from being merely a woman to the elevated status of becoming a mother; a giver of life. The respect and kindness accorded to pregnant women shows just how much society values expectant women.However, the same cannot be said for women... Continue Reading →

OF Money and the Expenditure Cycle in Campus

Campuses countrywide are about to re-open for their various academic years. Continuing students are excited for one reason; HELB. The loan, courtesy of the Higher Education Loans Board, usually drops into students’ accounts a week or two before the onset of a new semester.  The money is supposed to cater for the upkeep and school... Continue Reading →


It's that time of the semester where times are relatively thick. Financial constraints are on the top of everyone's problem list. Wallets and purses have become mere case holders for our ATM cards and IDs. Well, it is not all doom and gloom. Here are a few tips on how to survive the hard times.... Continue Reading →

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