I still blame Blue Mountain State for making me have such weird expectations about college life. Partying and drinking all night, loud music and the entire hullabaloo. While for some people, campus life is pretty much about all the above, plus a bit of studying for assignments (read copy pasting from Wikipedia), there is very... Continue Reading →

Exam Chronicles

Exams are here. It's that time of the year you get to see classmates you've never seen since the semester begun. Panic fills the air and everyone is in a hurry. There's no loud music booming from Ampex Speakers. The hostel is quiet, the atmosphere is peaceful albeit one can smell the tension. The library... Continue Reading →

Goodbye Creamy Inn..

This post i a long overdue rant. I've been trying to avoid posting it's been haunting; more like that nagging feeling when an ex dumps you and doesnt tell you why they left. We'd come from a Rotaract Picnic about 3 weeks ago and reached town at around 8. Having spent the entire day playing... Continue Reading →


Got to class 20 minutes before time today and spent the entire morning beaming internally; smug with self-satisfaction. Maybe I am becoming the focused student that I once was. Or maybe not… See, I had to get to class early to get a strategic seat at the corner wall near the window; from this perfect... Continue Reading →


It’s 7am. My alarm has been on snooze for centuries now. I had planned to wake up at 5 am to go jogging and do some reading but it’s as if the Sky spirits and warm bed conspired against my desire to keep fit. I stare out of my hostel window; the Jacaranda tree is... Continue Reading →

5 Types of People to Avoid in Campus

There are many types of characters you’ll meet in campus. But there are those you’d rather avoid for the sake of your own sanity and peace of mind. The moment you see individuals who exhibiting some of the following fishy traits and tendencies: you better run before you immerse yourself into unnecessary losses that come... Continue Reading →

“You Cant Sleep Hungry In Campus”

A close friend updated this on Facebook yesternight couldn’t agree any better. Life in the Kenyan campus scene is hard. Money is never enough and folks never seem to understand where you take the money they give you. Sourcing for funds becomes all the more difficult if you happen to be a beneficiary of... Continue Reading →


Last night I read a piece dubbed “The Real Housewives of Campus” by a female blogger on BlogSpot ( and I couldn’t help chuckling a bit intensely to myself. The manner in which the writer portrayed ladies who gave their boyfriends or “husbands” for that matter, “housewifely” benefits was too hilarious. In as much as... Continue Reading →

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