Got to class 20 minutes before time today and spent the entire morning beaming internally; smug with self-satisfaction. Maybe I am becoming the focused student that I once was. Or maybe not… See, I had to get to class early to get a strategic seat at the corner wall near the window; from this perfect... Continue Reading →

Be You…

It all starts with logging into Facebook. The first things you see are pictures of your primary or high school classmates. They all look so happy, smiling in high end places. Their outfits are sharp, their teeth all so white and perfect. Things seem to be working out for them. Some are getting scholarships to... Continue Reading →

Of Twitter and Sticking to your lane

We live in a world where the average person on twitter owns a duvet, tweets via iPad complains about traffic in the morning, smokes Mj, goes to high ended clubs, listens to the Cypher and watches Tujuane on Friday night and complains about being broke when they have 1500 shillings on them. Lanes, people, lanes!... Continue Reading →

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