We Can’t All Be Entrepreneurs

Entrepreneurship is great. It has opened doors for so many people. Lives have been changed, the economy is growing. In fact, every campus kid wants to be an entrepreneur.  Ask anyone about their dreams and they will point out that they will start one business or the other. Everyone wants to become self-employed.  It’s the... Continue Reading →


A while back, I came across a tweet requesting the president to jail all Employers who seek for “ 24-year old graduates with  6 years working experience” as a requirement for recruitment. I couldn’t agree any better. Some of the qualifications these Employers seek for are straight out of Utopia. If you’re a fresh graduate,... Continue Reading →

I am My Kenya

We are a complaining country. A country that keeps blaming the government for failing to fulfill it's duties. We blame the goverment for corruption, poor state of roads, a failing health industry, the pathetic state of public schools...well, basically everything. While it may be true that the government has failed to mete the obligations that... Continue Reading →

Exam Chronicles

Exams are here. It's that time of the year you get to see classmates you've never seen since the semester begun. Panic fills the air and everyone is in a hurry. There's no loud music booming from Ampex Speakers. The hostel is quiet, the atmosphere is peaceful albeit one can smell the tension. The library... Continue Reading →

5 Types of People to Avoid in Campus

There are many types of characters you’ll meet in campus. But there are those you’d rather avoid for the sake of your own sanity and peace of mind. The moment you see individuals who exhibiting some of the following fishy traits and tendencies: you better run before you immerse yourself into unnecessary losses that come... Continue Reading →

Be You…

It all starts with logging into Facebook. The first things you see are pictures of your primary or high school classmates. They all look so happy, smiling in high end places. Their outfits are sharp, their teeth all so white and perfect. Things seem to be working out for them. Some are getting scholarships to... Continue Reading →

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