“Hi! I’m Wambui. You must be my date” Aah, Wambui. There was something rather off about that name. It reminded me of the women in those dinghy bars in downtown, or that shady ka-local bar in the ghetto. Those bars where people are chromed in worse than sardines in a can. Those bars that reek... Continue Reading →

This Thing Called Depression

Two years ago, a friend of a friend committed suicide. He had posted what was to be his last post on Instagram  alluding that he was about to end his life. From his last words, you could tell that the decision to end his life was not something that had been jumped into overnight. It... Continue Reading →

Book Review : The Devil and Miss Prym

  The book is set in a mythical town in the middle of nowhere called Viscos. Viscos is one of those small towns where everybody knows the next person and hence it is impossible not to get involved in your neighbour’s business.  The residents lead a traditional ordinary life which the youth find boring and... Continue Reading →

Looking for a job? Send a CV. Send a Cover letter. Find a ‘pusher’.

Aah, hilarious but true account of the Kenyan job market. Y’all should read this

Insights of Mutuku


I threw in the towel on my zealotry quest to clinch a job in Kenya eons ago. This is after my copious festy efforts all turned out otiose. Somehow I don’t seem to quite cut the mustard for the job market. You see, 3 months ago, after I cleared varsity, had you told me I wouldn’t be able to afford a crate of beer by now, I would have laughed and cackled like a goose hen until I became dehydrated by all the tears I would have shedded.

I may have even thwaked you with a shoe and opened my maw where you’d have caught phrases such as;

“Hahaha! Kindly have your brain cells checked asap you dyslexic nitwit, they might have gone cancerous you know…


Hahaha, just dial it a bit on whatever potent powder you’re snuffing and smoking my friend.”

I must register I was riding on…

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