A guide to Moving Out

  If you’re 20-something, just cleared college, got your first job and are thinking about moving out of your parent’s house. Pull a chair, move closer, listen keenly. This post is for you. Last month, 28th May to be precise, I took that bold step.  I had just finished my final exams 2 weeks prior;... Continue Reading →

The Man of God

Is the head of the Spaghetti Church called a Pasta? No? But why? Have you ever sat down and wondered why exactly  you chose to remain in school and burst your brain trying to excel at some complicated isht in Varsity? Why should you struggle with Calculus and Theory of Stuctures, then have to wait for... Continue Reading →

I am My Kenya

We are a complaining country. A country that keeps blaming the government for failing to fulfill it's duties. We blame the goverment for corruption, poor state of roads, a failing health industry, the pathetic state of public schools...well, basically everything. While it may be true that the government has failed to mete the obligations that... Continue Reading →

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