Growing up was a trap; Adulthood is a Lie

It’s lunch hour. On a good day, I would be munching away on a home-made Egg and Avocado and tomato sandwich; or those cheap-but-oh-so-good chicken wings from Quickmart.  But then I’m stuck on my work station, a tidy mess of notebooks, lidless pens , calculators, water  bottles , scrap paper sheets  and mud stained drawings... Continue Reading →

How to Hug a Woman

Whoever came up with the hug as a form of greeting should be shot dead IMO. I hate random hugs. You never really know what to do with your hands. You don’t know whether to hold on or to let go, and if so, after how long. I am naturally a very clumsy person, and... Continue Reading →


There are men out there who think the sole purpose of a woman’s existence is to entertain them. Men who think a woman should be grateful because they have “him” in their lives. Idiotic men whose myopic minds lead them into thinking that a woman is obligated to say “yes” just because he asked her... Continue Reading →

Mjengo Chronicles: Stuck in a Rut

It’s the third time in a row I’m forgetting to eat lunch this week. Those who know me in person understand just why this is a cause for alarm. Nothing, and I mean nothing, well other than soaring levels of stress, ever comes between me and my food. And so when the receptionist called today... Continue Reading →

Of Women and Menstruation…

Menstruation and general menstrual health issues are some of the shunned and rarely discussed topics. If you come from one of those families where your parents are frank enough to talk about such issues with you then consider yourself really lucky. The truth is that majority of the girls never really get good guidance once... Continue Reading →

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