Everyday Matatu Struggles in Nairobi

When the conductor says "Wanne iende.." 2. When you believe the conductor's "wanne iende" lies only to enter the matatu and find nobody... 3. When the conductor tells you "Uko na mbao nikupee nikupee  1070 bob"' 4. How conductors pretend they have forgotten to give you change 5. How you look at the conductor when... Continue Reading →

Dear Jessica: The Year That Was 2016

​Dear Jessica, It starts out like a candle flame; the yellow glow steady, eerily  beautiful and full of warmth.  Then along the way, gusts of wind blow by and the yellow glimmer turns into a raging bush fire in the savanna, consuming every single thing standing on its path. The warmth transforms into scorching heat;... Continue Reading →

To The Girl I Love

I see the frown beneath your smile; the tears behind that sparkle in your eyes I know that even when you say you're fine, you really ain't. Behind that "strong woman" facade, i know that all you really want is to be held. You want to be loved just like everyone else. You've been hurt... Continue Reading →

Dating a Writer

I always thought dating a writer would be perfect. We’d spend Sunday mornings lazying  in bed after a late omelette and coffee breakfast. We’d discuss the latest Bikozulu post;  reminisce the good old Whispers’ days  and quip at how no one will ever fill the legend’s shoes. We’d later on wake up, shower and browse... Continue Reading →


Today, that cycle will end. Today, you become your own woman. Today, you will repair all the damage that judgment and over thinking did on you. Today, you will begin your path of healing; a path of salvation.

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