A guide to Moving Out

  If you’re 20-something, just cleared college, got your first job and are thinking about moving out of your parent’s house. Pull a chair, move closer, listen keenly. This post is for you. Last month, 28th May to be precise, I took that bold step.  I had just finished my final exams 2 weeks prior;... Continue Reading →


“Hi! I’m Wambui. You must be my date” Aah, Wambui. There was something rather off about that name. It reminded me of the women in those dinghy bars in downtown, or that shady ka-local bar in the ghetto. Those bars where people are chromed in worse than sardines in a can. Those bars that reek... Continue Reading →

Welcome to Loiyangalani!

Welcome to Loiyangalani, the place of water! A town where hawkers literally sell you stones. Yes, you heard me; stones ...and bones! Soon as you set foot in the town, a bunch of elderly and young men alike will ambush you, each shoving their precious stones in your face, trying to convince you to buy... Continue Reading →

The KenGen Geothermal Spa, Ol Karia

  I bet you had no clue that Kenya is home to Africa's largest natural Spa.Well, now you know! I had the great pleasure of soaking my afternoon away at the KenGen Geothermal Spa in Ol Karia. Honestly one of the greatest places I have been to this year. The views are orgasmic, the water is breathtakingly... Continue Reading →

This Thing Called Depression

Two years ago, a friend of a friend committed suicide. He had posted what was to be his last post on Instagram  alluding that he was about to end his life. From his last words, you could tell that the decision to end his life was not something that had been jumped into overnight. It... Continue Reading →

Book Review : The Devil and Miss Prym

  The book is set in a mythical town in the middle of nowhere called Viscos. Viscos is one of those small towns where everybody knows the next person and hence it is impossible not to get involved in your neighbour’s business.  The residents lead a traditional ordinary life which the youth find boring and... Continue Reading →

Embracing Your Confusion; Be You

A monkey is busy digging through the bin on the drive-way. After what seems like 5 minutes, he finds a packet of Delamere yogurt, rips it apart and proceeds to lick it dry. He (I’m assuming it’s a he because, well, blue balls) then continues to search in the murk for tid-bits of left over... Continue Reading →

Of Matatu Travels & Restless Feet

“One 2-Piecer Combo with fries and the other one with mash and gravy please” I hand over my folded 1000bob note to the cashier.  She has this  permanent smiley face that reminds me of Cruela from 101 Dalmatians. All cashiers seem to have this plastic-fake smiley face. I guess it’s part of the job. “Anything... Continue Reading →

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