Press, Play, Repeat.

You show up at work looking like Nicky (from Orange is the New Black); hair’s a mess; dark eye bags beneath you bloodshot eyes; body limp and tired. You can't stand the sight of your reflection in the mirror.  ‘You look really bad, you should probably get some rest' 'I will… I will’ How do... Continue Reading →

Dear Jessica: The Prologue

12th October 2016 Dear Jessica; I am balancing awkwardly on the side of my bed as I type this. One of my legs is dangling, while the other half  is stretched. Reason for these theatrics? Well, my laptop battery and charger got fried a couple of months back;  it's pretty much a desktop, more or... Continue Reading →

Wasting Oxygen

The past couple of weeks have been real scary. I have been drifting through my days; a plank of wood struggling to stay afloat. It is easy to tell people that things will get better; that all they need to do is to work hard and give their best. But what if you did all that... Continue Reading →

On My Death Bed

It will take 5 days before they find me. The stench of decomposing human flesh will lead them to my corpse.  They will not need to break the door; I have never believed in locking up. They shall find me sprawled on the bedroom floor, atop my favorite maroon, zebra-striped carpet ; a gory, stinky mess.... Continue Reading →

Of the men we loved and lost

Strange how time flies. Just the other day you were mourning. Bleeding your tears dry because the man you loved broke your heart. How could he? After all the two of you had been through, why would he crush your heart into pulp so mercilessly? Hadn’t you given him your heart, soul, body and spirit?... Continue Reading →

A guide to Moving Out

  If you’re 20-something, just cleared college, got your first job and are thinking about moving out of your parent’s house. Pull a chair, move closer, listen keenly. This post is for you. Last month, 28th May to be precise, I took that bold step.  I had just finished my final exams 2 weeks prior;... Continue Reading →

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