Musings: Of Emoji Love and Fickle Hearts 

The Musafir boat at sunset, Kilifi 2016


It all starts that way. The long texts, the voice notes filled with warmth and sweet nothings, the long phonecalls that plunge deep into the night’s thick bossom. 

You will wake up to him tagging you in videos he thinks you might like- she will mention you in all the funny tweets or places she thinks both of you would love- all ofcourse acompanied by appropriate emojis.

 You will forget you were ever lonely because this current happiness and this feeling you are feeling have sort of bound you in a spell. This will go on for days, maybe even weeks, sometimes a month or two. 

You will ofcourse plan a meet up; and because you are human, your lust will drive you into thinking  your emoji chemistry was real. And so a tumble in the sheets, a little bedminton, huff and puff Done.

 The following day you wake up to cold milk-maybe pancakes-then you will be on your way. As if nothing ever happened

Soon the flame will begin to wane into flimsy “Hi, how was your day?” -“Nothing much, yours?”- and before you know it, the conversation no longer flows naturally, you have to squeeze it hard, like water out of a sponge. 

And because your mother taught you never to stoop so low as to force yourself into people’s lives, you let go. Many fishes in the ocean. You prepare for another victim-or prey. Whichever. 

Shit Stirrer (n) : a person who takes pleasure in causing trouble or discord

A girl I liked once called me this. Ever since that day ,I  have been wondering what lead to this conclusion; seeing as I have been a committed escapist my entire life. The first glance of trouble and I run fast, melting into the shadows. 


Do you sometimes feel like the people around us fall in love with the perception and warped imagery they have concocted  of us in their heads rather than who we truly are?


Don’t fall in love with me, I hurt people’s feelings.” He said

It is obnoxious for you to dictate the feelings of others over you.”
She said

It is obnoxious for you to tell me I am obnoxious for telling you not to fall in love with me.” He said


The fickleness of human hearts and emotion is both a curse and a blessing. I tend to think it’s more blessing than curse. One minute you’re mortified over the loss of someone or something you loved dearly;  the next you’re heads over heels in love with another. 

Everything is temporary yet seems permanent at the time. Human relationships are fickle. 


Nothing lasts forever; not people, not places , not scents. 

All things shall perish from under the sun, music alone shall live. 

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