Everyday Matatu Struggles in Nairobi

  1. When the conductor says “Wanne iende..”


2. When you believe the conductor’s “wanne iende” lies only to enter the matatu and find nobody…


3. When the conductor tells you “Uko na mbao nikupee nikupee  1070 bob”‘


4. How conductors pretend they have forgotten to give you change


5. How you look at the conductor when he has your 500 bob change

6. When you forget your 50bob change in the matatu and it’s the 55th day of January 


7. When the matatu starts moving before you sit down


8.  When someone next to you starts eating chips and chicken at 2pm when you’re hungry as hell


9.  That nosy person always trying to peep what you’re doing on your phone


10. That loud person on the phone shouting as if he’s talking to a whole crowd


11. When the bus preacher begins his unwanted sermon 



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