Dear Jessica; Of Men and Love


A young girl swimming in L. Turkana  , © Canduh, 2016

Dear Jessica,

May the love of a man or lack thereof never keep you up at night; denying you precious sleep.

May you never agonize over men that don’t love you as you should be loved.

‘May you never cry and beg on your knees for bad love to stay’

I hope you know you’re beautiful. May a man never make you feel less of yourself. You are greatness. Never forget that.

I pray that the men you fall in love with never make you feel like you’re asking for too much. And if you ever feel so; then leave. 

I pray that you find happiness and fulfillment within your own soul; so that you never have to look for it in other people.

May you never tolerate abuse, shame, mediocrity and deceit in the name of love. Get on your feet, walk away; you are worth so much more.

May you realize that you are whole and complete; never allow someone to love only bits and parts of you. Let them take the whole package or none at all. 

I pray that you never have to change your laughter or sacrifice the things that make you you because of a man.

Most of all, I pray that you find a love that consumes your entire being; fiercely and passionately.

We all deserve that kind of love.

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