20 Struggles You Will Relate with if you went to AGHS (Bush)

1 In second term when you had to wear your half-sweater, sweater, Anorak jacket , Scarf and Leg-warmers but that Kikuyu cold was still merciless


2 Trying to stay awake during Rev Marion’s unending sermons and 2-hour prayers


3 When she’d start mentioning how “your father’s sold cows and goats to bring you to Alliance”  


4 Waiting in line to fetch hot water from the boiler  in the morning or after evening preps


5 In form one, the first time you were told to introduce yourself during House Meeting


6 In Form 2 when you heard the Para (Tea Break)  bell ringing


7 Feasting on the bread of those who didn’t “move” during Para (tea break)


8 When your teacher extends 5 minutes into the Para Bell


9 Waiting for Sunday Supper outside the Dining Hall.


No one ever missed Sunday Supper

10 How the Dining Hall cops closed the doors 5 minutes after the bell


11 When “Matty Shosho” found you with 4 Slices of Bread instead of 3 during breakfast


That woman would go all Dracary on your ass!

12 When you were eating in down area then you saw a cop coming to book you



13 When you did all the wrong things during the week but don’t find your name  in the Detention list


14 Trying to force that ponytail to hold because “Pushback” rule


15 Bearing the heat of Mrs. Mburu’s (the Salon lady)  blow dryer just so your hair would look good during Socials



16 That 1 Meter rule when Vibing boys during funkiez


17 When you went to Across and the first stop was at their tuckshop.

How the Acrossian tuckshop looked like compared to ours.


18 When you were scrubbing pavement slabs during Community service  on Friday and the darn Scouring powder wouldn’t wash off



19 Staging a fall with your friend and carrying her back to avoid going for Crosso (Cross-country)



20 When someone says you passed KCSE because you guys “get leakage” but only you know the struggles you went through













59 thoughts on “20 Struggles You Will Relate with if you went to AGHS (Bush)

Add yours

  1. How you would wait for speeches to end so that you can FINALLY have visiting day
    How you would run to the phonebooth after roll call so that you beat the line


  2. I wonder how attending “commo” in preparation for interhouse activities escaped your mind.I rem how we used to be woken up very early.If you proved to be stubborn or pretending to be sleepy you would run around your house until you are ready to cooperate.and then the joy of your house winning in the interhouse competitions..you would feast on chapatis and cake and go around the whole school mocking the losers..


  3. All these are try,who can ever forget about the house meetings on Wednesday,I still remember how you could spend the whole day alone scrubbing the floors just to hear matron claim youve done nothing

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  4. Hot water, salon lady, half-sweaters?! Only “para” was there. I went to a different Bush gals early 90’s where we had none of that. We went for cross-country full stretch no surrender, probably feared to forge an injury because of the imagination of what will happen if discovered.


    1. Haiya siku ya sausage? Hey which Bush did you go to. During my time there was no sausage. Wah do they eat sausage to date. Lol


  5. this is awesome,,,,plus roll call was another thing and how pple carried spoons in their pocket after Sunday roll call,lining up waiting for the phrase “you’re dismissed””

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  6. ……the comm work was hectic….inspection… dare you skive…you will do it over preps…….
    memories good though
    …and the hot water struggle

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  7. Wow! Some similarities there with Starehe boys. You girls are highly respected by me because you have a great schools name to protect. At work when your boss congratulates you for a job well done and mentions Alliance, Starehe, Kenya high, Pb etc, it makes colleagues freak out and look at you like you have all the answers to their problems.

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  8. This is hilarious! N0 8 truly got me. Para! Half sweater, anorak jacket, legwarmers, scarves, hot water……… that Bush was paradise! We did not have those back in 96′.

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