10 Mid-Month Struggles of Working In Nairobi

  1.  When you are about to order a large pizza with your friends on Terrific Tuesday then you remember Kshs. 1000 can feed you for a whole 2 weeks.

     2. Trying to Calculate how Kshs. 1000 will cater for your fare, food,  airtime and Lord knows what else until end month


3. Then you realize it’s 14 days to end month. That’s like 1 million years!


4.  When you forget your change in the Matatu and it was the only money between you and poverty

giphy (1)

5. When your nosy colleagues at work ask why you ain’t going for lunch and you tell them you ain’t hungry .But in real sense  it’s because your bank account is anorexic. Chest pains galore!


6.  On Friday when you are about to head home then you spot your “Plot leo ni wapi?” friend

side eye

Ain’t nobody gat taahm!!

7. On Saturday when you’re doing laundry then you find 1oo bob in your dirty jeans 


8. This is how it actually feels like…

Now someone has to stop you from buying a 50 x 100 plot in Kamulu

9. In the evening as you are walking to the stage then you see the  Hawkers selling beautiful shoes but you don’t have money 

but why

10. When Payday finally reaches!!!  *Happy dance*



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