A guide to Moving Out

  If you’re 20-something, just cleared college, got your first job and are thinking about moving out of your parent’s house. Pull a chair, move closer, listen keenly. This post is for you. Last month, 28th May to be precise, I took that bold step.  I had just finished my final exams 2 weeks prior;... Continue Reading →

Solwo, The Mad Man

No one knew exactly from whence he hailed. There were several versions of how he ended up at Tot market, each story more incredulous than the next.  It was claimed that once, he had been a very rich business man from the fertile highlands of Mosop who made his fortune selling potatoes to the people... Continue Reading →


“Hi! I’m Wambui. You must be my date” Aah, Wambui. There was something rather off about that name. It reminded me of the women in those dinghy bars in downtown, or that shady ka-local bar in the ghetto. Those bars where people are chromed in worse than sardines in a can. Those bars that reek... Continue Reading →

Welcome to Loiyangalani!

Welcome to Loiyangalani, the place of water! A town where hawkers literally sell you stones. Yes, you heard me; stones ...and bones! Soon as you set foot in the town, a bunch of elderly and young men alike will ambush you, each shoving their precious stones in your face, trying to convince you to buy... Continue Reading →

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