“Watasema uko chini , juu mfuko imetoboka…”  The opening line to Swizzy’s “Juu ya Eldy”  had me sold. Maybe it’s because I am from Eldy as well and it feels great seeing people from that awesome town making it .  “Kwa video sipop champagne , me nitapop tu Mursik…”

In no time, I find myself involuntarily  turning up the volume and listening through all the tracks off his debut Mixtape dubbed “Sheng’spear” released back in  March 2015.

I  am not really much of a hip-hop head, but I am a sucker for witty puns. I remember how excited I used to be back then just getting to listen to Abbas Kubaff aka Doobiez. The guy had such heavy punchlines you’d be left thoroughly entertained and amazed at the same time. He was the King of Kenyan rap IMO. Listening Swizzy, I can’t help but notice the striking resemblance in both their styles and flows .  Now I don’t know if being compared to Abbas is a good thing; but the guy had mad talent and Swizzy is the next big thing after Doobiez.

FB p [Original Size]

For those  who are wondering who this  Swizzy  nigga is;  he is an upcoming hip-hop artist and wordsmith based at Pakawa Music. Anaitwa Swizzy but yeye si Mswizi… 😀 (ignore this please, I am known for lame puns)He hails from Eldoret Town but resides in Nairobi. Yes, don’t act surprised. Eldoret is not only the home of champions but also dope artists as well.

“The Emergency” EP  released in December last year is full of dope tracks; one can feel the immense growth compared to the debut mixtape. Probably a result of  tireless  effort poured into refining his art. Chocha (interlude)  for instance is  full of funky and fun  lines that had me feeling some type of way “Me ndio nahold my fate; nitawadrive crazy juu sina chauffer yet…”

You can sample his music on Mdundo , Pakawa Music and his Soundcloud.  His breakout single “Harambee” is on Youtube.

Tomorrow he releases his solo Project “FLYMBOYANT” an EP titled “The Exit Plan”. Can’t wait to hear what this one has in store *excitement galore*

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