Memoirs: Of Laptops,Birthdays and Old Age

My laptop has self esteem issues. It’s been acting up so much of late;  I guess it’s because it has been chilling with cool-kid MacBook’s.  Or maybe it’s one of those identity crises that come with old age.  It will be turning 4 years old in September.  I am deeply attached to my Asus baby mostly because it was one of those Capital intensive purchases that I bought with purely my own cash. It was a freaking huge load amount of cash at the time; I felt so freaking rich at the time. Never regretted the decision. Even now that old-age has caught up with it and it ain’t as glam anymore; I still love it just as much; even with all the endless headaches and stress that come with it.

Anyway, speaking of old-age; I just turned another year (2weeks ago) . Yes, I know people think its glam to have your birthday on Valentine’s Day but it isn’t, trust me, it ain’t.  Anyway, this year will be one of those ones that will be a landmark for the rest of my life. It’s the year I finish campus/graduate, move out, get a job (hopefully) and start a life on my own. It is half as scary as it is exciting, mostly scary though. I keep thinking about the possibility of things not working my way and I get sleepless nights. What if I become like my laptop? What if things stop working as they should? What if I turn into a frigging desktop that has to be plugged in 24 hours in order to operate?  What will be the end of me?
I  am tend to naturally over-think. It’s a flaw I have learnt to live with much as it gives me sleepless nights. Anyway, ever since I read “The Alchemist” I have learnt that things may not work 100% the way we want them to; we keep chasing dreams and things we think will make us happy. When we fail to get them; we fall into depression. We walk around in life feeling defeated yet it’s the universe’s way of showing us our fate; our path to happiness.  It’s amazing how a single book can impact on one’s life so much; that book completely changed my attitude and mind-set about life.  Much as I am scared about the huge changes and responsibilities that lay ahead; for some weird reason; I have a sense of reassurance that things will be ok; I am certain that I will be able to handle whatever serving life  has to offer.

Emotional mish-mash aside; this birthday has honestly been one of the best I have ever had. I have come to value friendships and experiences more than things.  You need people who will come through for you no matter what horrid storm you find yourself in.  Much as I can’t exactly call myself a nice person, I am far from it. (I lack the patience and emotional strength to sustain this); I know for sure that I can be counted on to come through for the people in my life.  You need to have people that can not only bail you out when you are in messes but also, challenge you into becoming a better person in all aspects of your life.  You need to have people that know all your flaws but are still willing to stick around you and help you work them through.  Good friendships are priceless; that much I can attest to.


So here’s to the people that came through for me this year.  Thank you @MarkRenja for the awesome company and spoiling me with endless food. Thank you @Slick for always making me look forward to birthdays because of all the lovely things you always have to write about me 😉 *This dude is one of the most selfless people I have ever met my entire life. See the ride or die kind of person, this is him. Thank you @RozenIan for the Caricature.  This shall be printed and hanged on my living room wall in your honour 🙂


Thank you @K2Petite for single-handedly managing to make me weep with joy with your thoughtful gifts 🙂  If fate wills that I live long enough to have children, they shall never hear the last of the awesome books Auntie Petite gave mum 🙂 Thank you Judy,Eva, GG and Slick for orchestrating the surprise birthday party; this will go down in history as my first  birthday party ever and a first time at the KICC Helipad(don’t give me those eyes, I am not a Nairobian ) and I can’t explain how much that gesture meant to me. You guys need a gold medal on throwing surprise birthdays 🙂 You are AWESOME people’s!!!




For everyone that came through, phonecalls , texts  and good wishes. I am now ready to make the best out of this life and hopefully age gracefully 🙂 A toast to long life…


5 thoughts on “Memoirs: Of Laptops,Birthdays and Old Age

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  1. Late in reading this one but, okay I think we all have that fear cum anxiety and nobody wants to be a friggin desktop in this life.
    Also, nobody knows what the future holds.
    Hope keeps us going.
    I think.

    Happy belated birthday.
    Very very belated birthday.
    Keep doing what you do best.
    Writing.(in this case typing)

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