Mr. Mheshimiwa

A while back, a friend of mine sent me pieces of their work to review.  To be honest, I had a lot of on my plate at the time and  never got quite to it. Now a few months down the line,  I am all shades of mind-blown with the poetry that was sent. I am in love with every single line. It is evident that this guy can write. But for some weird reason, he’s still stuck in the l closet, afraid of what the world will think of his work.  I am on a mission to nudge him out of the closet, so every now and then you’ll be seeing his poetry pieces here.  For now he shall remain anonymous, we’ll just call him “The Wordslayer” . Don’t look at me badly, I couldn’t think of a better name 🙂



Mr. Mheshimiwa   by The Wordslayer

My cries in the night are drowned by the laughs of the corrupt,
They will mock me and degrade me because I’m poor,
They will give my brothers and sisters hand-outs to blind the rage,
In the hospitals it stinks because there is no water,
The governor diverted the flow for his new factory,
The school walls have tumbled but at least the kids have a block to seat on,
But the strong winds in the afternoon blow away their books and their dreams float in the sky precariously,
The roof leaks and water drips in like tear drops,
Everyone and everything cries,
At the cemetery, they bury the dead on top of the dead,
Mr Mheshimiwa took the expansion land for his own,
He will build a high wall so he can’t see the grave yard but the cries will still haunt him,
But somewhere in the streets there’s a revolution,
The minds of the people are reignited by prospects of a brighter future,
Fair opportunities for all of them,
The sounds of democracy and good leadership echo through the land,
The vast areas with leaking rusty roof tops and mud walls are alive once again,
The next election cycle is near and they want a new leader,
Mr Mheshimiwa knows this and he plans to distribute his handouts,
He knows the people need food before anything else,
The money calms the tension and Mr Mheshimiwa gets another chance to seat at the table to fatten up more,
The cycle is endless, poverty betrays the ambitions of the people,
Ignorance kills the people.


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