Of Selfish People and Relationships that Simply Cant Work

There are  people in this who think the world revolves around their feet. Selfish does not even begin to describe them. Everything is always about “me”  or “I”.  You’re very unfortunate if you ever get into a relationship with such a person.we

I’m talking about the folks who love playing victim; always blaming the other person at the slightest hint of trouble in a relationship. They never seem to be the ones at fault. You’d think they are St. Therese or something. Such people have a serious bout of whineiosis and if you happen to be a friend, you’d be subjected to tiring hours of incessant complaints. “My boyfriend this. My girlfriend that. He doesn’t care about me. He hurt my feelings. She didn’t text me back”

You’d feel bad for them at first; gleefully lending a listening ear. Then you’d realize how trivial their complaints are and you’re torn between telling them to STFU *insert Peter Griffin voice* or ruthlessly bitch slapping their ungrateful assess. But you were raised right and being a drama queen has never been your forte. So you summon your inner Gandhi and gracefully advise them to leave the other person and be on their way. What’s the point of staying in a relationship when you can longer make each other happy? It’s like eating a banana then carrying the peel in your pocket; it will reek and cause discomfort to both the bearer and those around.

No one glues you to the other person when you get into a relationship. People have walked out of a 10 year long marriage so who are you? If it doesn’t make you happy no more, you’re better off running away rather than ruin it for everyone else. Banana peels theory.

Selfish people would rather die than see their ex move on and possibly lead a happy life. They are the sort to dump you then come running back whenever they see you might actually have another shot at happiness with another person. They’d keep tabs on whom you’re seeing and once they detect anything serious, they’ll send the “I miss you so much. Life feels empty without you” text. Well my dear brothers and sisters, learn to ignore such dumbass selfish people. They are insecure little punks who think the world owes them. They are afraid of you moving on because it rubs the fact that they aren’t as special as they think in.  They have a special bout of Railasiosis; a syndrome common in people who have letting go issues.


I know a couple who keep sabotaging each other’s happiness. They keep breaking up every other week and making up the next. It’s almost become a routine.  All signs scream “you don’t belong together” but well, insistiosis makes them blind to that. It’s an obvious case of one not being able to smell their own farts. It’s nasty AF but you can’t feel it coz in your mind you farts smell like candy. And no, it isn’t love. Last time I checked, love is not selfishness. You don’t tie another person down and claim to love them. You don’t keep crushing someone’s heart repeatedly then picking the pieces and reassembling them only to thrash it again. Don’t give people false hopes. You either take them or leave them all together. It is only fair. For once man or woman up and release them; let them find happiness and love in others. You don’t own a person’s heart and they certainly do not own yours either. Don’t be that brute who refuses to be replaced. Change is inevitable. Accept and move on.

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