The Story That Never Was

Today, I shall write a great story. Possibly the greatest story of all time!  It shall ring on people’s mouths; they will talk ceaselessly about it. They will  spread it  to their friends and foes like wildfire in the savannah during the dry season. That story shall be so great that it shall be the topic of discussion on all social media platforms. Even those who never read shall read that story of mine.

Today, I shall write the greatest story of all time. I will pick up my laptop, lock myself in my room, open MS Word and vomit my thoughts onto that little blank screen. I shall not tire until I see that story grow and develop like a maiden coming of age. I shall type away relentlessly, with only one goal in mind.  I won’t care about thirst or hunger. I will not care about the people constantly ringing to check up on me. I will shut out the world until I finish writing my story; and I shall be the greatest story of all time.

Today I shall write the greatest story of all time. I can already picture myself receiving a dozen Literature Awards because it shall be such a wonderful story. I shall be the envy of all writers as I walk to the podium to receive my award. And I will be dazzling too, in a black dress with silver stilettos, and of course red lipstick . Never forget the lipstick.

Young and old alike will flock my house, they will marvel at my mind and at the beauty of my sentences. “How did you do it?” They will ask. “How did you write such a great story?” “Can you teach us?”

Today, I shall write the greatest story of all time.  A story that will outlive me; it shall still be on everyone’s tongue even after I am long re-united with my ancestors.

That story will be so beautiful; it shall bring tears even to the eyes of the most hard-hearted person. Tears , not of sorrow, but of admiration.

Today, I shall write the greatest story of time.  Everyone will remember me for it.  But first, I’ll smoke a cigarette; eat lunch, then sleep a little. When I wake up, I shall begin on that story…


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