Poetry: Benediction

BENEDICTION by The Wordslayer If I wrote one last time, And my ink became illegible, And my words forever silenced, My life a memory and my feelings detached, My mind clouded in high skies, And I float precariously in unknown vastness, Let not my absence be mourned , Let this last forge be immortal, May... Continue Reading →

Death by The Pen

In between these words you can see the sorrow, Tears that fell from my red eyes and  blemished the ink, Cries that drowned the emotion, With trembling hands and quiet mumbles, In the still of the night, And soothe of the breeze, The fight ended in an anti-climax, When the fight was spirited, But in... Continue Reading →

I will show her love…

I will show her love  by The Wordslayer If she doesnt know love, I will show her, If she doesnt see the light, I will be her guide, If she doesnt know the way, I will walk her there, If she cries, I will wipe her tears, If she fears I will reassure her, If... Continue Reading →

Mr. Mheshimiwa

At the cemetery, they bury the dead on top of the dead, Mr Mheshimiwa took the expansion land for his own, He will build a high wall so he can’t see the grave yard but the cries will still haunt him,

On The Road: Travel Memoirs

The best way to judge the character of a person is not in how they behave around their friends but rather, in how they interact with total strangers. Why you ask? Because even the shyest of individuals comes alive around people they are comfortable with.   Being placed in a room full of strangers leaves one... Continue Reading →

The Story That Never Was

Today, I shall write a great story. Possibly the greatest story of all time!  It shall ring on people’s mouths; they will talk ceaselessly about it. They will  spread it  to their friends and foes like wildfire in the savannah during the dry season. That story shall be so great that it shall be the... Continue Reading →

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