You were The One

You were supposed to be the one for me. The way a thousand light fairies danced in the flesh beneath my skin the first time your arm grazed mine was enough indication.


See, that day I knew you were the one for me. I knew I would fall so foolishly and viciously in love with you no one would ever salvage me. Right from the start, I knew you would hurt me along the way. I knew you would trample upon the pieces of my heart that I would give you. But still… I was willing to give them all to you all the same.   I was the Titanic that saw the ice-berg from afar but still steered right into it.  You were my ruin yet I wanted every bit of it.


I knew you were the one for me. That day when your lips locked with mine; I never wanted you to stop. I wanted you to suck the life out of me; every single bit of it. I didn’t want you to stop. I didn’t care about running short of breath, I wanted my life to be yours; wholly and fully. I wanted you to drink my essence and get drunk in it. I didn’t want anything in return. All I wanted was you to have me.

See, that day you took me to your house and buried your phallus into my body, I knew you were the one for me.  It had never felt that good with another man. I never wanted to have this with another person, ever.  I wanted you to possess every single nerve on my body. I wanted you to colonize me and claim me for yourself. It would give me life to know that I was yours.

I knew you were the one for me.  That day when you swore your undying love for me; I knew the gods had brought you to me. I was yours and you were mine.  That was the simple math of the love between us.  I didn’t care that they might have just been mere words. Hearing them gave me reassurance.  My love for you flowed in my veins and arteries. I’d bleed myself to death just so that I could be yours.

You were the one for me but now I know I wasn’t the one for you. That day when I heard you tell another the sweet words you used to tell me, my heart was in shambles. It shattered into innumerable fragments. The world fell at my feet. You were supposed to be the one for me.  My life was yours.  You threw my love and heart back to me, spat right into my face.  It’s not you it’s me, you said. It wasn’t meant to be.


What do you mean it wasn’t meant  to be? You were supposed to be the one for me….

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