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Aah, hilarious but true account of the Kenyan job market. Y’all should read this

Insights of Mutuku


I threw in the towel on my zealotry quest to clinch a job in Kenya eons ago. This is after my copious festy efforts all turned out otiose. Somehow I don’t seem to quite cut the mustard for the job market. You see, 3 months ago, after I cleared varsity, had you told me I wouldn’t be able to afford a crate of beer by now, I would have laughed and cackled like a goose hen until I became dehydrated by all the tears I would have shedded.

I may have even thwaked you with a shoe and opened my maw where you’d have caught phrases such as;

“Hahaha! Kindly have your brain cells checked asap you dyslexic nitwit, they might have gone cancerous you know…


Hahaha, just dial it a bit on whatever potent powder you’re snuffing and smoking my friend.”

I must register I was riding on…

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