The Man of God

Is the head of the Spaghetti Church called a Pasta? No? But why? Have you ever sat down and wondered why exactly  you chose to remain in school and burst your brain trying to excel at some complicated isht in Varsity? Why should you struggle with Calculus and Theory of Stuctures, then have to wait for... Continue Reading →

Looking for a job? Send a CV. Send a Cover letter. Find a ‘pusher’.

Aah, hilarious but true account of the Kenyan job market. Y’all should read this

Insights of Mutuku


I threw in the towel on my zealotry quest to clinch a job in Kenya eons ago. This is after my copious festy efforts all turned out otiose. Somehow I don’t seem to quite cut the mustard for the job market. You see, 3 months ago, after I cleared varsity, had you told me I wouldn’t be able to afford a crate of beer by now, I would have laughed and cackled like a goose hen until I became dehydrated by all the tears I would have shedded.

I may have even thwaked you with a shoe and opened my maw where you’d have caught phrases such as;

“Hahaha! Kindly have your brain cells checked asap you dyslexic nitwit, they might have gone cancerous you know…


Hahaha, just dial it a bit on whatever potent powder you’re snuffing and smoking my friend.”

I must register I was riding on…

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To The Girl I Love

I see the frown beneath your smile; the tears behind that sparkle in your eyes I know that even when you say you're fine, you really ain't. Behind that "strong woman" facade, i know that all you really want is to be held. You want to be loved just like everyone else. You've been hurt... Continue Reading →

Dating a Writer

I always thought dating a writer would be perfect. We’d spend Sunday mornings lazying  in bed after a late omelette and coffee breakfast. We’d discuss the latest Bikozulu post;  reminisce the good old Whispers’ days  and quip at how no one will ever fill the legend’s shoes. We’d later on wake up, shower and browse... Continue Reading →

To the Man I Used to Love

Today I woke up with a start. Again. My heart was beating rapidly; lips and throat were dry. Sweat was dripping from my temples. I had that nightmare again. It’s been going on for the past couple of months. Each night, it gets clearer; the scenes keep changing.; but the ending stays the same. I... Continue Reading →

We Can’t All Be Entrepreneurs

Entrepreneurship is great. It has opened doors for so many people. Lives have been changed, the economy is growing. In fact, every campus kid wants to be an entrepreneur.  Ask anyone about their dreams and they will point out that they will start one business or the other. Everyone wants to become self-employed.  It’s the... Continue Reading →

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