There are men out there who think the sole purpose of a woman’s existence is to entertain them. Men who think a woman should be grateful because they have “him” in their lives. Idiotic men whose myopic minds lead them into thinking that a woman is obligated to say “yes” just because he asked her out. Yes, this is a rant against these so-called fuckboys.  Guess what? You ain’t god’s gift to womankind so stop pretending like. you are some giant  diamond.

In fact, you are a curse unto the entire male species.

What part of “No” don’t some people get? It’s a simple two letter word that even a toddler can digest. Why is it that when a woman says “No” to your advances it suddenly becomes a big deal? The “una maringo na hata you aint that pretty” kind of talk begins. So pray do tell, I should say yes to you just  because you think I am not “pretty” enough to say No?? GFOH!! GERARAHIA mayne!!!

If a woman isn’t interested in you, accept and move on. Stop bugging her with the “why aint you replying to my texts?” kind of nonsense. Perhaps if you stimulated her intellect enough she’d be able to actually converse with you. How do you expect a fully grown self-respecting woman to waste her precious minutes responding to a “xaxa mrembow” kind of text? No thank you!

My reaction when a fuckboy asks “why didn’t you reply to my text?”

And that’s not even the most irritating bunch. The worst are those who text you in the middle of the day or night to come “chill” or “hang out”. So you think that I don’t have plans with my life other than to sit around waiting for you to give me a “plans”? You imagine that all girls are just seated somewhere waiting for a “come we turn up” invite??? Again, GERARAHIA!!! Nonsense! Be about something.

I don’t care whether you call it maringo or not, but y’all fuckboys need to learn a thing or two about how to treat a woman. Learn to accept reject. Embrace it. Not every woman will like you, so respect that fact.

8 thoughts on “GERARAHIA, FUCKBOY!

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      1. The word bothers me a lot too, hehaa! But I must admit that this is one of my favourite posts…I do like it…a lot.
        Well said, very well said!!!


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