Woman of the Realm


It was chilly; the kind of dry cold that reminded one of death; the kind that penetrated  through your flesh right  into your bones. She needed to dress warm. The night was long. Her powers were fading; tonight they had to be reawakened.

With precision, she dabbed the edges of her luscious lips to get rid of excess lipstick. There was something about the bright red that ignited her inner demons. Pulling on her black cashmere trench coat, she walked out of the house. Her stiletto heels made a familiar clank on the pavement. Today, she wasn’t going to go far.  

“Sky Secret Lounge” the blinking neon sign read. This will have to do. She turned the corner and entered.

It was warm and cozy. The dim lights bounced off the crimson walls making the entire place glow like the horizon of an ochre sunset.  Men were busy getting a little too comfortable on the couches with youngish girls in tight shiny and black dresses. It was a good place. No ciggy smoke. She hated the smell of tobacco.

She scanned the room for a place to sit. There was an empty booth at the corner. Perfect. She maneuvered her way through the crowd.  Her legs were trembling slightly. She felt weak; a phone struggling to survive on low battery. She had to pounce sooner rather than later; otherwise, she’d be doomed.

“Margarita please” she whispered to the waitress as she collapsed into the chair. Within 5 minutes, the lady had come back with her poison. She was beginning to like this place.  From her spot, she could see everyone coming in and out. It wouldn’t be long, any minute now. She sipped her margarita. Perfect.

He was tall; the kind of tallness that made any woman feel safe; that kind of height that intimidates other men. His head was shaved clean, balder than a baby’s bum. His toned arms were the kind that made damsels strip their panties of their own accord. Yes, this was the one she wanted. She gave him the eyes. He came over to her booth.

“Mind if I join the lovely lady” he quipped. His voice was husky. Immediately she knew that this was the type of man whose ceiling had been stared at by more than the fair share of female eyes. He was the kind that always had his way without even asking. Sexy dark beast. She liked him.

Too bad it wouldn’t last long.

There were many things that came with being a woman of the Realm;  flirtatious charm was one of them. In no time, the man was driving her to his place. Desire was written all over his face. She smiled at him, pulling her coat up slightly to give him a hint of her brown thighs.  She had to keep her prey warm.It was obvious that she was doing a good job. The bulge on his trouser front was enough proof. She slid her hand and caressed it lightly. He was breathing heavily.

“We’re home” He whispered as he pulled the car to a stop. He leaned over and kissed her neck. “Come, let’s go inside”

The house was lovely. He clearly had good taste. She begun feeling a little bad for what she was about to do. She’d have stuck with picking up good for nothing men on the streets, but those ones only served to destroy her. They weakened her; sucked her powers dry. The queen of the Realm had warned them against harboring feelings. “Think of no one but yourself. Otherwise you shall perish from lack”

She brushed off her emotions. The deed had to be done. “Never start what you can’t finish”

She grabbed him and kissed him square on the lips. There was something about her kisses that turned men into passionate animals. Before long, clothes were strewn on the floor; their bodies a furnace of heat. He swept her into his arms and carried her to the sofa.

His iron rod plunged deep into her warmth; the rhythm of nature taking its course. She felt her heart accelerating, the blood flowing afresh into her arteries. “I’m about to come” He whispered. It was time to strike.

Her hands and legs were wrapped around his back. She drew him closer as her plunged deeper and deeper. Just as he poured himself into her, she screamed alongside him. “Dunamis Thanatos” The deed was done.

He felt his body going limp as hers woke up with new life. Her powers had been re-awakened. She got up and walked to the mirror. Her face glowered with youth, her breasts a lot fuller and perkier. All the sagging bits were tighter than ever. Her hair was lush and bouncy, all the greying had disappeared.

Long live the Realm!

She grabbed her black dress, coat and stilettos and vanished into the darkness.


The police would find him several days later. His body a bin of stench.

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