I am My Kenya

We are a complaining country. A country that keeps blaming the government for failing to fulfill it’s duties. We blame the goverment for corruption, poor state of roads, a failing health industry, the pathetic state of public schools…well, basically everything. While it may be true that the government has failed to mete the obligations that it is mandated to, we as citizens must ask ourselves the tough question, “What are we doing?”

They say  “You must be the change you want”. We cannot expect a country deficit of corruption yet we are the ones who perpetrate the very vice. It takes two to tango. We must be the initiators of the change we want to see in our country.

As with most things, it is easier said than done. People are afraid of being radical; of being the change bearers. The masses do not want the heavy  responsibility of leading the revolution of change.

It therefore plausible when a single individual takes it upon himself to initiate change. One Benogola is on a mission to build  a school in all the 47 counties of Kenya.


The pathetic state of public primary school is not news in Kenya. Even with the introduction of free primary education, thousands of Kenyan children do not have access to this basic need. In some areas, the children have to make do with make-shift classrooms sometimes having to learn under a tree. Existing public schools are in a state of disrepair, one might be forgiven for thinking they are abandoned facilities. As is the norm, the leaders seem to care less about  education in their constituencies and counties more so because their children are in expensive private schools far away in the city and other countries abroad. The child of the poor Kenyan is therefore left to reke an education fro themselves in the poor conditions provided in the public schools.

Yet, we as Kenyas never speak out. We see ourselves as “Wanyonge”. We have perfected the art of “accept and move on”.  Until when shall we stand  on the sidelines watching helplessley just because we proclaim the “there’s nothing much I can do” gospel?

Time is ripe for us to stand and be counted. If ever you thought there was nothing you could do to help, then the  #IamMyKenya campaign is here to change that perception. You can indeed initiate a revolution, and that revolution is to change the face of public primary education in this country through the construction of decent schools. Whether it is financial contribution, donating building materials, professional skills as well as labour, or even helping to create awareness; any help will go a long way.

For now, follow @Iammykenya on Twitter for more information on this awesome Project. I am My Kenya. my kenya

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