“She Stole My Man” and other Idiotic Stories

“That bitch snatched my man”… I wish the gods would instantaneously send down lighting and strike down females who keep complaining about their men being “stolen”.

Jealousy is an invisible part of a female’s anatomy. We all turn green with envy  when the males in our life show an interest in another female.  We become all competitive and try to discredit others just so we can feel better about ourselves. It’s perfectly normal, women were meant to be possessive and a little protective of their loved ones.  See how mothers always try to find fault in their sons’/daughters’ spouses?

It’s perfectly normal to be a little jealous and protective, but one should know where to draw the line. Otherwise you’ll die of ulcers at a young age.

The key to happiness is to  understand the fact that you can never own the man you are dating. He has his own life and you have yours.  You cannot control what he does or does not with his life, last time I checked, freedom of choice is a right legally bestowed unto every individual in the constitution. As such, if your man feels like cheating on you, no amount of spying on his phone or his social media accounts will keep him from doing so.

You cannot waste your youthful life protecting a relationship you aren’t even sure where it’s headed to. I see ladies having cat-fights and calling each other “hoes” because of a 20 year old campus dude and I weep a little inside. What happened to our pride as women? All this education and we still fight over men…men who can’t even give you a decent future.  If the man in question was a prince of the Snow-White and Cinderella calibre, or a Kabaka in waiting, perhaps one would’ve been justified to “fight” for him.

I don’t mean to judge, but woman raise you standards. Your mother taught you better. Do not fight over a man.  A man is not property that he may be stolen, neither is he land that can be grabbed. Last time I checked relationships and affairs involve two willing participants. Technically, your man cannot be stolen or seduced if he doesn’t want to. So the next time you’re about to call another female a “hoe” for flirting with your man, think twice. The poor girl was just pursuing her interests and your man readily accepted her advances; all too eagerly.

If he doesn’t love or like you enough to make you his only, pick up your bags, dump his sorry ass and look for greener pastures elsewhere.  No one planted you in the relationship; you can uproot yourself anytime you feel like. You deserve better anyways. Why worry yourself sick about why he’s taking so long to reply to your text or chats when you can find someone who’ll flood your inbox with sweet little nothings every single hour of the day (i tend to imagine that’s what women want).

As a woman, you have total control in a relationship. You decide when to settle down and when to leave. Once a dude stops treating you the way you’d like to be treated, call it quits. Don’t tolerate mediocrity. Otherwise you’ll end up being a bitter lass who hates men when you’re 35 and nobody wants one of those…


Your 20’s are supposed to be your wild and free.Don’t let relationships drama age you. If he wants to be with another woman, let him go. There’s no shortage of men in the world, you can always find another one…

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