Exam Chronicles

Exams are here. It’s that time of the year you get to see classmates you’ve never seen since the semester begun. Panic fills the air and everyone is in a hurry. There’s no loud music booming from Ampex Speakers. The hostel is quiet, the atmosphere is peaceful albeit one can smell the tension. The library and all reading spaces are full. You walk into a rooma and hostile eyes glare at you, it’s as if you’re interrupting their concentration….Exams are the real “kukaliwa chapo”exam1

Even the rogue students become saints once exams are around the corner. For many, the exams time-table triggers the “nani ako na notes” reaction. You suddenly realize that you’ve barely attended lectures and you don’t even have note to begin with. This is the point where the focused students are sough after like gold. “Nisaidie book yako niphotocopy notes” is the vocabulary…No one wants to fail. What will your parents think if you fail? For most, it’s the fear of having to re-do a unit that scares them into reading. Nothing worse than reading for a unit twice.

It’s that time of the semester when “Sleep is for the weak” becomes everyone’s everyone’s slogan. The streets and hostels are full of life even at 2am. Grades must be saved by all means necessary. You realize that 4 hours of sleep are just enough. You discover just how productive you can be once you se your mind to it…work hard, work smart.


Well, hard work is not for everyone. For those who have little faith in their ability to cram an entire syllabus in 1 day, the “Mwakenya” or as some call it ” the memory enhancement device” comes in handy. Well, cheating is not for everyone and only the experienced users can get away with this one. You have to be wise when crafting your “Mwakenya”, otherwise it will be of no help.  A Mwakenya user must be orderly and sharp. You must know exactly where you placed each topic and you have to hide it in a strategic position where ease of removal and disposal is not hindered. The risk of being caught keeps you on your feet. Sentinel has nothing on your ability to sense the exam invigilators. All your senses are heightened in the exam room. Once you’re caught, it’s expulsion for you. You cant afford to be careless.


For those who’re less brave, copying becomes their only option. People place themselves strategically in formations. For a formation to work, atleast each of you has to contribute on one topic or another. This way, there’s flow of informationa nd at Afterall , degree ni harambee!  

The fear of failure drives people to extreme extents inorder to succeed. They say there are many ways to kill a rat, the end result is what matters. Who care’s if you’re half-baked, so long as you get that degree it doesn’t  matter how you got it….

Keep Calm and ace your exams

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