LADIES ONLY; The Campus Boys I have learned

Today’s guest post is courtesy of Liz Ekakoro @_ekaks ( ) . Find some of her work on 🙂 Enjoy the read….

The Mentor

He is a sophomore or a senior student in the university. He can’t wait for the freshas to come. He is a “mentor.” Will select the prettiest or most innocent fresh girl from the village. He will teach you how to be a good girl in the university. He’s available any time. So the mentoring program advances to a new level.  He starts taking care of your lunch, wishes you goodnight then invites you to his room. You are rolling in between the sheets and the next day he doesn’t pick your call, your texts don’t get delivered either. End of mentorship program, beginning of sleepless nights and endless regrets.

The Amicable.

He is more than brotherly. In fact, you suspect or wonder if he is up to something. You’re wrong, that’s just him. He genuinely smiles at you, says hello and helps you with your bag. What you are thinking about has never crossed his mind. He adores his mother and values the woman. You wish he said something more, or asked you out.  But you are a sister to him, period. So, stop day dreaming and be a good sister. Ouch!

The secret admirer

He just won’t tell you anything. He quickly faces the other direction if you catch him staring at you.  He is physically presentable and you fail to understand why he’s so weird. Years later after the mentor disappears, the amicable has his better half and you have tagged men a name, he tells you that he has always liked you but feared approaching you, of course fearing a rejection from you. You think he’s just passing time and give him a “please” handbrake, then squeeze him in between your teeth  with a mscheeeeeew! You make his fears come true and give his ego a terrible kick.

The opportunist

You don’t want to meet this guy, if you have no principles he will nail you down, or is it screw you up?  He lusts after you. Uses every opportunity to confuse you. He is very creative. He sees you in dreams he has never dreamt. He knows  how to play around with words, how to twist them such that your ears can’t wait to hear from him. He barely knows you but tells you how he sees a future with you. He claims that he is not like all the other men who play around, or lie. He promises you to never leave your side, and lures you into doing something he calls “memorable.” You get carried away, he gets what he wanted and off…. Now it is memorable indeed, because he said “cheap girls aren’t for him, nah!”

The Charlatan

He is in for a real show. You will mistake his ridicule for a compliment. He tells you how beautiful you are when you are in your micro mini-skirt and your boobs are almost popping out. He likes it that your ears are pierced to the end of the lobe, and your nose too is competing with those of the pigs in the village I come from. He will incite you to pierce your tongue too and navel because you’ll be hot to walk around with in display.  He likes you with your make up on, no matter how scary and fake it makes you look. He will always be with you in the clubs and fun filled places. The blow is that, when he’ll start thinking of settling down, you are not going to be, not even the last person in the list of ladies he’ll consider. He could even pray to God for a good wife, not you! oh yes. Take note, don’t waste yourself. Be a woman of worth.

The Guardian.

How will you not love him? Sometimes active in church activities, or development programs.  He doesn’t have time to chase ladies around, he knows what he wants and is paying the price. When others are out clubbing he is attending a night vigil or studying in his room, or even went home to be with his family. He is focused and all his conversations are objective. He turns you on from the word go, and the other guys have given him names like “pastor” or even funny ones depending on how he carries himself around.  He can be too serious, and sometimes funny. He’s a keeper, trust me. If at all he proposes to you, I am am whispering “marry him!”

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