Goodbye Creamy Inn..

This post i a long overdue rant. I’ve been trying to avoid posting it’s been haunting; more like that nagging feeling when an ex dumps you and doesnt tell you why they left.

We’d come from a Rotaract Picnic about 3 weeks ago and reached town at around 8. Having spent the entire day playing childhood games, dancing and eating, we were giddy to say the list. We walked towards school, chattering loudly, a bunch of 3 girls and a boy.

As we passed outside Creamy Inn toward Lifestyle, we decided to pop in for a Vanilla cone. It had been a while and Creamy Inn was my go-to place for *quality and affordable cones. See, a pal of mine and I had made it a habit in second year to go for Ice-Cream at least once a week, so the menu and price list was at the palm of our hands.

Since the dude amongst us had offered to foot the bill, we unanimously decided on the 50 bob cone, approached the counter and gave our order. “Four small vanilla cones please, no toppings”.

The attendant who seemed bored to say the least bluntly answered “We don’t sell 50 bob cones!”. Puzzled, we sought to know why. “Since when?” we asked. The guys didn’t seem interested in giving us a chronological history with regards to the turn of events. “We only have the 100 bob cones, will you take it or not?” he answered with a straight face. We just walked out. Our mood for ice-cream was ruined.

Well, my problem with Creamy Inn wasn’t exactly the price change but the cavalier manner in which the said attendant handled us. Besides, why have the huge posted on your windows indicating that you have 50 bob and 100 bob if you only have 100 bob cones? Won’t it make more sense just to advertise the one you actually stock?

Funny enough, I found out that the Creamy Inn at Moi avenue sell the 50 bob cones. I simply don’t get it. I thought Franchises are supposed to have uniform prices and quality of commodities but what do I know? I’m beginning to think that the attendant who refused to sell us the 50 bob cones simply saw that our money won’t make a difference, what is 200 bob after all?

Whatever his intentions were, I don’t know. I was bitter, not because I couldn’t get the ice-cream I wanted but because I felt discriminated upon; modern day segregation based on price. I couldn’t pass outside the Jevanjee Creamy Inn without feeling the hostility and animosity building inside me.

Well, it’s all in the past now. A case of the ex. And I can proudly say that I have moved on and found greener pastures. I found a new solace in the arms of KFC. And guess what? Their ice-cream is waaaaaaaaaay better in terms of quality and quantity for the same price. Now I regret the time and money I spent on the former.

Sometimes we all need someone to hurt us so that we can wake up, smell the coffee and move on to better things. So, goodbye Creamy Inn: hello KFC ice-cream!!!


NB: Not a sponsored blog

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