How To Make Kick-Ass Pancakes

I don’t mean to gloat but many people have asked me how I manage to make such delicious pancake; and since I stopped being a meanie, I’ve decided to extend a gesture of kindness to the whole of humanity by posting the recipe. Yes, you’re welcome 🙂 How to Make Kick Ass Pancakes: NB: On... Continue Reading →


The world is full of stupid people, no doubts about it. Why else would a bunch of “educated” people justify the stripping of a young lady for dressing “inappropriately”? These idiots are the same ones who justify the raping of women who are “indecently” dressed. I was shocked and genuinely disturbed when one of my... Continue Reading →

Goodbye Creamy Inn..

This post i a long overdue rant. I've been trying to avoid posting it's been haunting; more like that nagging feeling when an ex dumps you and doesnt tell you why they left. We'd come from a Rotaract Picnic about 3 weeks ago and reached town at around 8. Having spent the entire day playing... Continue Reading →

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