Got to class 20 minutes before time today and spent the entire morning beaming internally; smug with self-satisfaction. Maybe I am becoming the focused student that I once was. Or maybe not…

See, I had to get to class early to get a strategic seat at the corner wall near the window; from this perfect spot you can see the whole class and still not miss out on what those lecturers who seem to whisper to themselves are teaching. Well, long story short; I have a new class crush. And no, this time it isn’t the insane crush on a 60 year old professor kind of crush. That was one crazy semester, made me seat in front in all his classes; I spent hours in the library researching deep shit just to impress the knowledgeable man by asking questions in class. Only good thing that came out of it were improved grades.

I really don’t know why I was smitten in the first place. The man wore the same coat the whole week. You could see the dirt marks on his shirt collar. The Gucci coat sleeves betrayed their relationship status with water. He wasn’t the pretty cute old man type either. What do you expect from an old man with a PHD in Construction Technology? But I was smitten still…must have been the way he taught complicated building science and theories with so much ease. Maybe I am/was sapiosexual…

Back to the present, well the new crush is way too tall and skinny could easily get blown away by wind at a creek. And when I say tall, I mean really tall. He has that awkwardness that comes naturally with extra height. His afro is to die for and he’s got a careless beard. He kind of looks like a slightly taller version of K.O Joe from Chop-Socky Chooks minus the loud mouth. And did I mention his glasses?? I really don’t know what’s with them but they’ve got this hypnotizing nature about them. This past week I’ve been finding myself staring at them involuntarily…and the awkward moments when he’s caught me staring smack and I had no choice but to smile foolishly and wave at him.

I really don’t know what those glasses have. Maybe it’s a love charm of some sort… (._.) We’ve been in the same class since campus begun and now I’m obsessed since he had his frames changed. Everything about him draws me. It’s weirdly ecstatic; the adrenaline rush and all. It must be the glasses….really, it must.

Come to think of it; I’ve always had a thing for men who wear glasses. And not the ridiculous looking plastic geek specs that everyone is rocking nowadays; makes one look like a giant praying mantis if you ask me. I love men in sleek glass lenses and frames to match. There’s an aura about them that makes them look responsible, classy and gentle-man like. They are cool, composed and sophisticated, at least 98% of the time. They know how to take care of themselves. They exude that “serious with life” character that draws you into their circle and before you know it you’re walking down the aisle after 6 months of dating.

My theories could be wrong; they could be right. But one thing I know right now is that I love me a man in sleep glasses…Who knows what I will be fancying after 2 weeks. Only time will tell

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  1. I have been telling people for ages that there is something about a man in good looking glasses. Esp if they are blue, I am smitten 😀


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