5 Types of People to Avoid in Campus

There are many types of characters you’ll meet in campus. But there are those you’d rather avoid for the sake of your own sanity and peace of mind. The moment you see individuals who exhibiting some of the following fishy traits and tendencies: you better run before you immerse yourself into unnecessary losses that come loaded with regrets.

  1. The Perpetual Leech

These individual’s literally live off other people. Their indefatigability and relentlessness in their quest to leech from others is only comparable to that of hostel bedbugs. Dudes/chics in this lot never really buy stuff but keep “borrowing”, right from sufurias to plates to food. Their favourite line is “niokolee item A or B nitarudisha kesho”. The moment you give out the items requested, be prepared for a Tom and Jerry kind of hustle when you want to get them back. Never ever lend such people sentimental items or money coz you’ll probably never get them back.

  1. The Turning Up Crew

They always know which club in town has an offer and who has a house bash on which date. They know all the clubs names and locations like the back of their hands. They will not think twice about going all the way to Juja, Rongai or Ngong from the CBD just to turn up! This bunch never misses out on hyped events. Now if you’re of the YOLO crew, then this crew is perfect for you. But keep in mind that your grades might suffer considerably for this. Your turn up crew are never your friends, once the party is over, you’re on your own. And did I mention that you should also be prepared for wallet anorexia?

  1. The Religious Fanatics

If you love yourself, never allow this lot into your life. See, religion is good and all, but sometimes it gets too much. People in this lot often have an aura of self-importance and righteousness about them. They tend to think that their way of life is the best and will force their dogma down your throat…literally. They will criticize your dressing, your music, relationships…the list is endless. Bible verses will be spawn left, right and centre to emphasize on the critique. The problem with befriending religious fanatics is most often than not, you’ll end up arguing your case and they will get defensive. The probability of things ending well is often low…so better keep off and let them be.

  1. The Gossips

We all love intruding into the lives of others once in a while. A little chit-chat about how so and so is doing, who kissed who and who went where with who never hurt… But never get too involved and find yourself lost in this group. Gossip is very addictive and one never knows when to stop. Sometimes the truth gets altered in the quest to spice up the story and you might end up defaming another person. Tread carefully; you don’t want to lose friendships and good relations over a few careless words. Besides, you’ll be the subject of the gossip crew sooner than later so best to never be part of this crew in the first place.

  1. Team Average Couch Potato

I tend to think this lot is the most dangerous. They are queens and kings of just being there. They never challenge themselves or do anything worth noting. They will turn up for classes and all but they’ll just be “there”. They never bother to answer questions or contribute anything of import. They only thing they’ll ever give you is series and movies, nothing else. This lot never really do anything; sports, dance classes, or voluntary activities are foreign to them. They graduate from campus with no other skill other than their degree. The problem with hanging out with such people is you’ll never move out of your comfort zone nor will they ever inspire you to do anything great. They say you are who you hang out with. The next time you call that friend to ask them what they are up to and they are like “niko tu” be very wary

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