disappearing women


several years ago, i sat down in a matatu and a man touched my thigh. i told him to stop touching me. the man next to him told me it was because my skirt was too short.

i began to wear longer skirts.

two days after that, a man at odeon reached out and squeezed my breasts between his long fingers as if checking for ripe tomatoes. i told him to stop touching me. he told me my shirt was cut too low for him to resist.

i began to wear shirts with a higher neckline.

a few days after that, a man at work run his hand over my butt and smiled at me. i told him to stop touching me. he said my trousers hugged my butt very nicely, told me he was only being appreciative and if i didn’t want him to be, i shouldn’t wear such…

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The cyberspace is as dynamic as the youthful population nowadays. Everyone wants to be at par with the technological trends that seem to be changing faster than some people’s relationship status on Facebook. Exit Twitter, introducing Instagram. It’s not exactly new, it’s been there for quite a while but the masses seem to have migrated... Continue Reading →


Got to class 20 minutes before time today and spent the entire morning beaming internally; smug with self-satisfaction. Maybe I am becoming the focused student that I once was. Or maybe not… See, I had to get to class early to get a strategic seat at the corner wall near the window; from this perfect... Continue Reading →


It’s 7am. My alarm has been on snooze for centuries now. I had planned to wake up at 5 am to go jogging and do some reading but it’s as if the Sky spirits and warm bed conspired against my desire to keep fit. I stare out of my hostel window; the Jacaranda tree is... Continue Reading →

5 Types of People to Avoid in Campus

There are many types of characters you’ll meet in campus. But there are those you’d rather avoid for the sake of your own sanity and peace of mind. The moment you see individuals who exhibiting some of the following fishy traits and tendencies: you better run before you immerse yourself into unnecessary losses that come... Continue Reading →

Be You…

It all starts with logging into Facebook. The first things you see are pictures of your primary or high school classmates. They all look so happy, smiling in high end places. Their outfits are sharp, their teeth all so white and perfect. Things seem to be working out for them. Some are getting scholarships to... Continue Reading →

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