*** Choices. We make them every single day, from the time we wake up to the time we go to bed.  The freedom of choice is a fundamental human right enshrined in the constitution. The only thing that distinguishes us from other animals is the human ability to discern and make choices based on what they consider right or wrong.

Our ability to choose our paths in life is a special thing, yet we take it so colloquially. Choices are very powerful, a super power of some sort. You only have to make the decision and it shall be so. Make a choice without weighing all the options and you shall have to suffer the consequences thereafter, be they negative or positive.


Hence the reason why no human should blame another for the choices they make. See, a decision is mostly made individually, you and the little voice in your head. Lest you’re under duress, choices are often voluntary. You make them out of your own volition.

You choose your own happiness; you choose whether to spend your entire day gloomy and sad-faced. You choose to eat that piece of KFC chicken yet you know quite well that you’re bordering on the obese and overweight side. You choose whether or not to hit the gym to lose the extra kilos or not. You choose whether or not to let yourself die in silence because of self-esteem issues for something you can correct. You choose to wear a smile even when deep inside you’re dying.

It is your choice to sleep on your talent or not. You’re the one to decide whether you’d work a few extra hours a week to be able to afford that dream house you’ve always wanted. It is your choice to blow up all your money on alcohol and temporary highs, to live for the moment.  It is your choice to study hard in order to raise your grades or to let them stay the way they are.

It is your choice to remain in an abusive relationship with your lover and your friends. No one binds you yet you keep going back. You choose to remain in the same position at work, with the same salary you started with. You know you deserve better yet you keep silent, only mumbling and grumbling constantly. You complain of how terribly your boss treats you and how horrible your work place is. Yet, you do absolutely nothing about. Your soul dies a little bit every morning, yet you keep going back. Choices…

There’s no such thing as “I had no choice”. No one ever has “no choice”. The choice to have no choice is also a choice.

As a girl, you choose to have drunken coital connection with a man without protection. As man, you choose to take that risk. Don’t blame it on alcohol, it is merely a substance without a say, you chose to take it. No one forced it down your throat. So to say you cannot keep a pregnancy because it was accidental, unwanted, unplanned is merely an excuse. Again, it is your choice to bear the fruit of your poor decisions or to get rid of it.

It is your choice to live life following the shadow of another person’s perceptions; your choice to set your own standards and goals. It is your choice to be intimidated by others, and your choice to view them as equals irregardless of the circumstances. It is your choice to be weighed down by the guilt of your sins, and your choice to repent them. You choose to free yourself from the cycle of poverty and your choice to remain in the same state and complain about how life is unfair.  You choose to live freely, to live a fulfilled and enjoyable life; and your choice to e nslave yourself by the chains of pursuing an ‘ideal life’.

Life is full of choices, but whatever you choose, be ready to live with the consequences.  Blame yourself if the choices you made go eerily wrong, but pick up the pieces, forgive yourself because no one is perfect. Man is to err.

Whether it’s walking out of a marriage, quitting your job or changing religions, you hold the power to choose. To live an honest life or a corrupt one is purely up to you.

Whatever the choices you have to make today, make sure they work for you. The power is in your hands.


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